A few wee snippets…

I read somewhere that wasps feed on nectar and take insects back to the nest to feed the larvae as the larvae need protein.  I sat watching a wasp in the conservatory pulling wings from a hover fly (and the head too I think) then rolled it up into a neat package and flew off with it. This year there have been a lot of wasps around the pond and the bird bath to drink and I have had to save quite a few after they have fallen in.  I did put a stone in the birdbath and that helped a bit , but when they land on the duck weed in the pond it sometimes doesn’t support them, and they don’t appear to be able to fly away from the surface tension of the water.  I also read somewhere that if you want to keep them away when you are eating al fresco, they don’t like peppermint oil so keep some handy.  They might only after something sweet so maybe just leave a saucer of jam out just for them away from where you are sitting.  Or they might be after the ham inside your sandwich to take to feed their larvae.  I have watched them cut a small bit from my salad.
I spotted some brown spider’s webs in amongst the ferns.  All those spores falling on them make them look really tatty and dusty even with some of the nija showers we have been getting.
I also spotted a mushroom on a log at the back of the stumpery.  Someone else has spotted it too and had a nibble.  I have no idea what type it is and it looks a different colour when the sun shines on it.  Brown on the top in the sunshine, but a dark grey when the clouds come over.
We have had a few showers lately, which the garden and the pond desperately needed so things are looking a little fresher and less arid now.

wasp with hover fly
spore covered cobwebs
in the sun
in the shade

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