Duddingston Garden club Annual Flower Show …

getting some plants ready to sell at the annual flower show.   There are: tiarellas, chives, rosemary, lavender, ferns, fuschias, grasses, sempervivums and a couple of unknown things that just popped up in the garden.  The weather isn’t looking that great though and some ninja showers on the way so it might put people off coming.  Shame we had to get rid of the greenhouse due to the neighbours high trees and the golf course trees as I am having to do all my propagation in the conservatory and on the garden table.  I keep having to move them to under the table outside when the heavy rains are due and bring them back out again once they have passed.  I was going to put a couple of plants in the show myself but my Streptocarpus saxorum  only has 3 flowers on it and my roses are either just gone over or just not quite open enough.  I may put my little Hare’s foot fern into the foliage section.

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Plants ready for the sale.

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