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Pots of colour…

I started clearing away the Christmas decorations from the conservatory and was hit by the gorgeous scent of the Hyacinths on the big table.  They were actually bought by mistake for the previous Christmas as they were labelled as ‘red’ and as you can clearly see they are pink.  I potted them up early and left them in a cool dark place until I saw the tops poking though the soil.  Then I brought them into the light in order to have them flowering for Christmas but the conservatory may have been a bit too cold for them so the flowers just popped up but didn’t open.  They are flowering happily now so I have colour and scent on a dreich Scottish winter’s day.  The red Cyclamen I have had for many years.  I let it have a wee rest during the summer them I wake it up again for the autumn, winter and spring.  The old tuber is huge and very craggy looking (I will measure it once the leaves are all off) but it does very well every year.  Sometimes I re-pot it but at other times it just gets a bit of top dressing.  It has coped well over the years with the various bugs that have attacked it so I hope it keeps going for many more.  I don’t normally leave the flowers to go to seed but I did for one or two and got quite a few baby cyclamen from it so now some of my friends and pals can enjoy it too.

conservatory, flowers,
conservatory, flowers,

Happy 2018…

Happy New Year to all who read my little blog.  It has been a strange start to the New Year; I have had the lurgy for weeks now and haven’t been out much at all but today I went out for some fresh air and to see if storm Dylan had caused any damage in the garden.  Lots of fallen twigs but nothing too big thankfully.  I did notice a few flowers about to open like red spidery ones on the witch hazel (Hamamelis inter.Diane), and the creamy-green of the Corsican hellebore (Helleborous argutifolius) but I will wait until they are open to get pictures.  There are tiny catkins forming on the corkscrew hazel (Corylus avellana Contorta) and there are bulbs a plenty poking through the soil.  What was strange though was seeing flowers open on the native primrose (Primula vulgaris).  I thought they just flowered in spring?  Well they are food for the slugs I guess by the look of those nibbles.  I just love the bright stripey colours of the upright Golden Japanese Rush (Acornus Ogon).  Not sure why they call it upright as all of mine tend to lean sideways.  No matter.

stumpery, flowers,
Primula vulgaris in  flower Jan 2018
stumpery, grass,
Acornus Ogon