Cyclamen are stirring…

into life already.  Most of my garden cyclamen are flowering already and it is only the beginning of August.  I can’t find any of my white ones but only the pink ones in flower.  In the conservatory the small tubers are flowering but my huge ancient tuber is still totally dormant.  I have potted it on and the soil was quite damp so I am hoping it is ok.  As promised in  January  I measured the tuber and it is roughly 12.5cm at it’s widest and 10.5cm at it’s narrowest and it old and craggy looking.  I plant it quite proud of the soil level with a moat around it so it doesn’t get water on the top. I bought some small ones last year  they looked like a really dark burgundy colour, but this year they have come out  red.  Still attractive though.

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Cyclamen seed pods
Cyclamen neapolitanum ?
indoor cyclamen tuber
Cycalmen that was meant to be dark burgundy.

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