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Foxes In February

Yet again I have been very lazy about winter gardening.  I keep the birds fed and watered, and check on the patio plants, but tend to leave everything else just to get on with things.

It is nice to keep seeing our foxy visitors through the window.  Harry took a short video this morning and I have a couple of snapshots from it.  These foxes were living in the vacant house next door, and passers by even saw them looking out the front window.  The authorities were informed and the foxes can just have to make do with the gardens now.  These 3 Foxes In February look very relaxed in the garden.  I haven’t seen any pheasants this year and it is probably down to this lot prowling about looking for some dinner.

fox on the patio
3 foxes in the garden

It has been snowing on and off over the last few days and has been very cold.  It got down to about -22 C in Braemar last night.  Only a balmy -7C in Edinburgh!  As Harry is working from home during this covid lockdown, he can easily help keep the pond from fully freezing, and  I don’t have to muck about clearing snow from the patio in order to feed and water the birds.  There isn’t as much snow this year as there was in the winter of 2010/11 and it should thaw fairly quickly.  I get cold very easily and am so looking forward to some warmer, dryer weather to have a potter round the garden and seeing how all the bulbs are doing.   The ground hasn’t been dry for months – if it hasn’t been raining – it has been drizzling and I can bet that some weeds have been thriving despite freezing temperatures and wet.

Feb 2021 snow in the garden from the upstairs window

Foxes in autumn.

There are lovely autumn colours out now but I haven’t really been in the garden much over October.  Harry and I have both had a bit of ill health (no not covid) so I really couldn’t be bothered doing much.  I did pot up a few pots with narcissi, tulips, and bluebells but not much else.  The bay that was on the patio  was brought into the conservatory for the winter, I did my best at keeping the rain off the irises but the leaves look awful just now.  That huge aster will have to be dug up as it is now huge and I just can’t get past it (although it has loads of flowers on it at the moment).  Once Harry is feeling a bit better I will ask him to plant the new cornus in that clay area just in front of the patio.  The plants are rather small so will look tiny there so I may put other pots around them to cover the bare soil or maybe bark chips.  That is the area that the pigeons have made a path to get to the seeds that fall out of the bird feeder so I will need to protect the new plants while they are still young.

Harry did manage to take a few photos through the back window of our little visitors.  They have found a mouse and are hunting in between the pots for it until they get a scent of something else I think.  I frequently find pots knocked over on the patio.  The squirrels have been digging in any bare soil in the pots burying nuts and looking for other nuts so I used to always blame them for knocking them over.

fox on the patio
fox on the patio
fox on the patio

As usual, the louts setting off fireworks have been out and about already!!  We had to call the fire brigade and police out the other evening when these youths rather stupidly decided to build a bonfire just beyond our back garden in the golf course, and then threw fireworks into it!  The fireworks near us have been so loud that our dog is terrified to go outside now.  They are being set off at all times of day and night so you can never tell when it will be a good time to take him out.  Oh how I wish there was a total ban on fireworks.  Trouble is that somehow folk would end up making their own home-made fireworks which would be far more dangerous in the long run.  Ok rant over.


got a picture of the little fox that has been visiting the garden.  It pops over from the next door neighbours and through the gap between the trellis and next door’s garage.  After a wee bit pottering around it nips back over again but I have never had my camera with me when it is about until today.
One day, while I was topping up the pond with the hose, it heard the splashing noise and came to investigate.  It looked at me, and then the pond, then went back to it’s own business again.  What a cutie!

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Little fox