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World bee day

 As it’s world bee day today I thought I would show a few photos of bees in the garden.  These were not all taken today as I didn’t have time.  As far as I can tell in these photos we have the common carder bumble bee (Bombus pascourum), the red tailded bee (Bombus lapidarius), white tailed garden bee (Bombus lucorum) and a small tree bee (Bombus hypnorum).  We do get a few other species but I haven’t yet taken any decent photos of them yet.

small tree bee on a Deutzia
Tree bee (Bombus hypnorum) a deutzia

2 bees on  cirsium plant
Bees on cirsium

2 bees on a centaura plant
Bees (Bombus lucorum?) on centaura plant

common carder bee on centaura plnt
Carder bumble bee (Bombuspascuorum)? on centaura

red tailed bee on a veronicus plant
Red tailed bee (Bombus lapidarius) on veronica

bee in a cherry blossum
Bee in a cherry blossum

Finally a little bit of sunshine…

in amongst the rain showers. The lawn is like a huge sponge, full of water, and every time my wheels go over it, it gets churned up so is like a quagmire now.  The sooner I get more paving the better. When the sun does come out, it brings the bees out with it.  They are everywhere.  Here is a list of plants in flower now that they visit: deutzia, heuchera, syringia, foxgloves, aquilegia, centaura, rhododendron, geraniums, daisies, thyme, hebe, saxifrages, cirsium, erigeron, geum, clematis and philadelphus.  The garden is literally humming with them.  I have been playing with my macro lens again trying to learn how to use my mirrorless camera.
Cactus buds
Aquilegia seed head
Honesty seed head
Sepervivum arachnoideum
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Bee on deutzia
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2 bees on Centaura
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2 bees on Cirsium