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May Aquilegias

These beautiful aquilegias add a touch of the ‘cottage garden’
style to the garden.  They flower during spring and keep their foliage
for most of the summer and autumn and although they look quite delicate,
they are quite hardy.  They love the shade in the stumpery area and the
raised bed, but are equally at home in the side border too.  One pink
one has grown quite tall – 1m35cm which is as tall as I am (wheelchair
user).  I love the way that, as the flower matures, it raises it’s head until the seed heads point upwards like little jester hats.
I don’t remember all their names and they have
been quite promiscuous so who knows what will come up next year.  I did
have to take quite a few out as they had seeded in the wrong place, but
they have been potted up ready to be sold whenever the Duddingston Kirk
Garden Club starts up again after lockdown.

plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Baby pink aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Deep pink aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilagia,
Pink aquilegia
plants, flowers. aquilegia,
Purple aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Purple  aquilegia face on
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Purple and white aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
White aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Ruby aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Pale blue aquilegia
plants, flowers aquilegia,
Pink and white aquilegia
plants, flowers, aquilegia,
Tall pink aquilegia

Aquilegias …

everywhere.  I adore Aquilegias (columbines or granny’s bonnets).  They are so pretty and quite a feminine looking plant with tall slender stalks and dainty flowers.  Even the buds look pretty.  I did buy certain named types years ago but I just let them self seed where they wish.  I have just posted the photos under their colours in case I name they incorrectly. Some are just in bud whilst others are in full flower. I do have other colours: pink, purple, pink and white, and a lovely pale blue pom pom type so I will update this page when I get some reasonable photos of them.  I recently read an article about Aquilegia downy mildew here and I really hope I don’t get it here.  The article is a few years old now, so far so good.

Aquilegia ruby
Aquilegia in bud
Aquilegia dark purple
Aquilegia deep maroon
Aquilegia pale peach
Aquilegia purple and white
Aquilegia white
Aquilegia white and lilac