It’s all fairly quiet here…

just waiting for some rain that was promised.  I thought we were going to get thunder storms and lots of rain so I brought in all the small pots of  cuttings for the next charity sale, hid some others under the bench where they wouldn’t get water-logged, and put a large trug under the garden table (under the hole where the parasol should go) to collect lots of rain water to help top up the pond.  Sadly, we only had a short shower so just collected a dribble of water.  The back area of the garden under the golf course trees is still like sand! Back to blue skies and that horrid muggy feeling. Just sitting, watching the world go by just now and planning what needs to be tackled next in the garden.  Doing a bit of dead-heading, cutting back, and getting a few weeds out today.  There are some young squirrels about who are making little holes everywhere, and young crows making a heck of a racket waiting to be fed by mum.  This photo shows a young squirrel in amongst a pot plant, a crow collecting seed on the small tray feeder, and a young pigeon waiting for it’s turn on the feeder.

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Squirrel, crow and pigeon.

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