It’s raining again…

so I have been indoors pottering about in the conservatory and tending to my house plants rather than braving the cold and very soggy garden.  I managed to over-water one of my peace lilies so I separated the plants, dried them off, and have replanted so hopefully I have saved at least one of them. I have cut back the straggly looking mint, and have taken the yellowing leaves from the parsley plants.   The greenfly are still around so I check my plants almost daily to make sure I keep on top of any potential infestation.  Now I don’t normally move my cactus plants (for fear of dropping them on my lap!) but I wanted to make sure I hadn’t over-watered them too. I am glad I did as nestled at the base of one, was a clump of slug eggs. I have been trying to take better, or at least  more interesting photographs lately, and am using an app (AYWMC) to help me with this.  The exercise this week is to use an editing program and play about with the different editing tools so I used the slug eggs for my exercise. It was fun but I may have overdone the editing.  They were in a string but by the time I had faffed around with placing them at different angles and with different lighting and backing, some of the strings broke.  I found a separate egg that had an embryo showing through the transparent casing.

wildlife, slugs,
a string of slug eggs
wildlife, slugs,
slug egg with embryo

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