Sunshine and slabs… Yay!

There is a bit of warm sunshine about with a few showers.  The slabbing is now under way so I cannot get access to the garden for the time being.  All very frustrating as I was ill last week and had neither the time nor the energy to get on top of the weeding and dead-heading before the landscapers started.  I am itching to get back out there as some of the plants in need of a bit of TLC. I haven’t been able to do my slug patrols either, but, maybe all the upheaval has meant they are less active.  I can but hope.  I will have to just potter about on the patio for the time being, which means a lot of scraping between the slabs to get the weeds out, and scrubbing the wall near the bird feeder (mostly pigeon poo).  There are plenty of butterflies about now and I did get a nice photo of a Red admiral but just missed my chance to get a snap of a Speckled wood.  Too slow getting my camera out.

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Vanessa atalanta (Red admiral)

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