I have been guarding the pond as much as I can from that bloody heron that keeps pinching the frogs – no wonder we only have a small clump of spawn so far.  I know it is a wildlife garden so I can’t be too choosy about what wildlife visits, but I would like to see more frogs and toads, and it would be great to see some newts.  Harry is going to make some kind of chicken wire thingy to see if we can prevent more frogs being nicked from the pond.  The heron may still be picking them out from the borders around the garden too.  I am not sure if it has a sore leg.  It looked a little like it was limping, and when it flew away, it only stretched it’s left leg behind it properly.  Maybe it knew it was just going to land on the nearest chimney so didn’t bother stretching them both.

heron, birds, wildlife,
Heron watching me from the garage roof.
heron, birds, wildlife,
Heron taking a stroll around the borders.
heron, birds, wildlife,
Heron, crow and hen pheasant.

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