First spawn so far…

a couple of days ago I notice a blob of frog spawn in the pond – the first for this year so far.  Last year I didn’t see the first frog spawn until around the 20th  March, (beast from the East meant snow and ice last year) but this winter has been pretty mild.  According to the Guardian the 26th February was  the warmest winter day on record, but is  pretty warm today too.   It has been the warmest winter since records began in 1878 and there have been fires breaking out on some moors and even on Arthur’s seat in here Edinburgh.  Sadly the nice weather is not set to last, and I hope the wildlife can cope with the change back to cold in the next few days.  I read somewhere that a female frog only produces one clump of spawn per year and I can only see one clump so far.  I hope to get more because that would suggest that there is only one female frog about which would not be good news.

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1st Frog spawn 2019

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