February colour continued…

a few more plants have come into flower and the sun has been out on this lovely mild day.  In the stumpery; I planted some wallflower last year by the garage wall, beside the apple trees, in amongst the cyclamen and crocus.  The crocus are looking good but the cyclamen have not flowered this year yet.  The Helleborus argutifolius are looking good (apart from the bird poo that is!).  They are planted beneath a tree where the pigeons, crows and jackdaws often sit.  The snow drops and golden Japanese rush help to brighten the shady area.  Just last week I bought and planted 3 small cyclamen coum Ruby star and they are so pretty.  Along from them, near the stump, is the primrose ( primula vulgaris) and a lovely creeping fern (polypodium vulgare).  In the raised bed; I normally have to cut back the huge fern (Polystichum setiferum ‘cristato Pinnulum’) around this time of year but it is looking fabulous just now so I won’t touch it.  On the patio; the tiny yellow iris (Katherine’s gold) are looking nice and bright and a few of the other Hellebores are flowering but pretty much look the same as last year so I won’t take more photos yet.  There is still a chance of some bad weather and snow before the spring really gets going, but so far, so good.

plants, flowers,
Purple crocus
plants, flowers,
Helleborus argutifolius
plants, flowers,
Cyclamen coum ‘Ruby star’
plants, flowers, ferns,
Primula vulgare and Polypodium
vulgare ‘Bifido grandiceps’
plants, ferns, foliage,
Polystichum setiferum ‘cristato Pinnulum’
plants, flowers,
Iris ‘Katherine’s gold’ alpine

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