Poor old clematis…

has had to go.  I loved my Clematis montana alba, especially when it was over-grown and would hang down over the door in the back wall where it made it look like there was a secret garden behind the wall. Trouble was that nobody could get through the doorway easily so I had to keep it a little clipped.  Sadly, it succumbed to some bacterial or fungal infection and died. Possibly clematis slime flux? no idea but it didn’t look good so I whipped it out, added some new soil and planted a  pink climbing rose (Generous gardener) which I hope will be able to cope with the conditions.  It will get some sunshine for a few hours per day, but it is in dry shade so I will have to keep it well fed and watered.
My cherry tree (Prunus Shirotae Mount Fugi) is in a half barrel on the patio and it has had gorgeous blooms over the years but has started to die back and is therefore shrinking in size so this autumn it will have to come out and have it’s roots trimmed, then get re-potted into a slightly bigger half barrel and hopefully recover to bloom for a few more years.

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Clematis montana alba
Clematis slime flux?
Prunus Shirotae Mount Fugi
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Prunus and bee

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