Hens and chicks…

no not chickens but houseleeks or in other words Sempervivum ‘Reginald Malby’ to be precise.  I bought one last year at a charity stall planted up in an old tuna fish tin and it had a central plant with lots of little ones surrounding it.  I split it up and planted all the little ones and gave them to friends and family and kept a couple back for myself.  I planted then individually in tiny pots and this is one of them sending out runners with the little chicks on the end.  It looks really cute from above.

I noticed a few days ago that the frogs have finally surfaced and we have a few blobs of frog spawn in the pond. Trouble is, it is exactly where the birds like to bathe so I hope the birds don’t disturb them too much.

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Sempervivum ‘Reginald Malby’

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