Sparrowhawk woohoo…

So I haven’t been out much in the garden for a few weeks due to the snow.  It only snowed for a few days and lay for a few days but is has been pretty darn cold.  It looked almost the same as it did in the winter of 2010/2011 so I didn’t take any more photos of the snow.  Today though I spotted the sparrowhawk and this time is sat on the fence for a good 10-15 minutes – enough for me to race through and grab my camera.  It was too far away for a good closeup, and it was through the mucky window, and the sun was creating glare on the window too but I took the shot anyway.  It had it’s left leg tucked into it’s breast feathers and only put it down to fly away.  Now the garden is just soggy so I will wait for a while yet before doing much.  The frogs should be making an appearance about now and a few more bulbs too.  Bring on some decent sunshine and warmth.

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