Spring 2021 has sprung at last!

Some of the bulbs are up now adding some lovely splashes of spring colour.  The dwarf narcissus Tete-a-Tete are really cute.  I have a couple of small clumps of these that were in the conservatory last year.

Narcissus Tete-a-tete dwarf
Narcissus Tete-a-Tete

The dainty crocus (unknown name) looks so delicate compared to the big bright purple ones but only a few survived – I think the mice may have eaten a few.

Small dainty pale purple crocus
Dainty crocus (unknown variety)

Same goes for the Cyclamen coum Ruby Star.  I had a few planted at the edge of the stumpery but kept finding that something had dug them out and nibbled some of them.  Only one survived so I took it into the conservatory over the winter and it is now flowering in a small pot.  Maybe I can collect seeds and get a few more going.

Cyclamen coum Ruby Star
Cyclamen coum Ruby Star

The hellebores have suffered a bit with all the rain we have been having and are looking rather bedraggled and soggy, so I have only photographed the slightly better ones.  I am still waiting for a few doubles to flower that I bought a few years ago as very small plants.

Deep purple hellebore
Purple hellebore
Double hellebore
Double white spotted hellebore

My Iris Katherine’s gold alpine have gone over already.  Having pigeons sitting on them didn’t help.  I haven’t seen the Iris reticulata this year? Not out yet or have they died off?  The primroses are only just flowering, as are the pulmonaria.

Primrose by stump
Primroses by the stump

Out in the front garden the Mahonia is flowering away and has a fabulous scent.  There are large daffodils along the hedge and are about to put on their bright display.

On the patio the pink erica goes quite nicely with the blue glazed pot. Usually the patio is full of seedlings and cutting that I have prepared for the Duddingston Kirk Garden Club plant sale, alas, covid 19 is still among us so that event has been cancelled along with many others.  I did have 3 trays with some cuttings taking cover under the bench but the foxes were about last night and pulled them out ad even pulled a few small plant pots out too in their quest to find the mouse.

Erica in blue pot
Erica carnea Westwood gold

Although I didn’t buy more bulbs last year, the conservatory is still pretty colourful.  The cyclamen always do well as the temperature is pretty cold but kept frost free.

Conservatory colour

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