Dreaming of summer….

on this – yet another dreich, Scottish day.  Here is one of my favourite photos taken from the patio.  It was a lovely warm sunny day in August 2005 and it was all looking splendid.  Lush  foliage of greens, purples, and reds.  Smelling the scent from the roses wafting by, and watching the birds going about their day.  Sadly the ivy got too heavy for the arches so they had to get chopped back.  The photinia Red robin died, and the weeping tree got waterlogged and also died.  The flowering currant got the chop, as did the cotinus.  The clematis just disappeared!  I had 3 different colours at the side wall but they gradually just went over to next door.  I can’t even find their original plant stems.  So today I will close my eyes and pretend I am back in summer 2005 enjoying the warmth and the garden as it used to be.

August 2005

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