The new bread bath…

apparently it isn’t a bird bath any more!  I haven’t seen any birds bathing in it these day as the pond has a nice shelf for them to use instead.  They do still drink at it, but nowadays the crows bring along their food and dump it in the water to soften it.  I have to clean it out 2 or 3 times a day and more if the pigeons  poop in it!  Normally they bring sliced bread or rolls but I have also seen noodles, left over chicken drumsticks, unidentifiable things with traces of blood.  And once the birdbath was black because they had dumped a whole slice of burnt toast in it!  I only ever put seeds and peanuts out for the birds, because leftover food  attracts vermin, so they are getting it from neighbours or further afield.  Yesterday a parent crow took lots of seed from the bird table then took a drink from the water bowl with his beak full, then fed a youngster with it.    Once, a crow brought down a large roll and dropped it in the birdbath, saw me watching and got a fright so flew onto the garage roof.  By the time he turned around a magpie had swooped in and stolen his soggy roll.  He looked down in disbelief that it had vanished in a mater of seconds.  The roll was so soggy that half of it fell all over a plant on the patio.  The big birds, such as the crows, magpies and jackdaws, like to bathe in the dog’s water bowl instead of the birdbath as it is deeper.  The pigeons now bathe in the pond and leave grey scum on the surface.

Birdbath with a sliced bread in it.
Birdbath with a roll in it.

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