Mid April in the garden

Strange weather again, one minute we are basking in warm sunshine, the next we are down to freezing.  I have been trying to harden off some cuttings but don’t really want to put them out in this icy wind just in case they get a shock so they are staying undercover for a few days until it warms a little.  Of course I just ordered the vine weevil nematodes the other day, but now I will have to keep them in the fridge until we have had a spell of rain and it warms a bit. You can’t apply them to dry soil as they need moisture to move around in the soil and find the weevil grub.  Most of the narcissi did well this year, except the Segovia and Ice wing.  Only 3 Segovia came up and two of those had their flowers eaten before they opened (exactly the same as last year).  No Ice wing came up at all.  The good news is that the narcissi Actaea poeticus did really well.  Last year most of them were eaten by snails or slugs either before they flowered or once they flowered.  They look great beside the berberis as the colours of the eye of the narcicci are almost the same as the berberis flowers. The tulips Mystic Van Eijk are still looking good as are the Erythroniums.  The cherry blossom have just gone over now and will soon be blown away in the wind.  It is too cold for me outside so I will concentrate on my indoor plants this week.

view of the garden from the patio April 2023
View from the patio April 2023
View of the stumpery bed in April 2023
Stumpery bed April 2023
View of the stumpery April 2023
Stumpery April 2023
View of the raised bed April 2023
Raised bed April 2023
orangey yellow Berberis alonside Narcissi Actaea Poeticus
Berberis and Narcissi Actaea Poeticus

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