Brrrrrr it’s chilly out there!

So today is the first time the bird bath has frozen completely this winter, however, the pond is ok as it is situated lower than the bird bath.  I still wouldn’t like to be a little bird bathing in the pond today though.  As much as I detest being cold, I do love the patters that the frost makes on the different leaves. Hairy leaved plants pick up the frost sparkles on the tiny hairs, whereas the smoother leaves have frosted edges.  Others can have frosty highlights on prominent veins.  As a kid growing up without central heating and no double glazing, I adored the frost patterns on the inside of the windows in winter.  This morning I braved the cold to get a few snaps of some frosty leaves.  My hands were shaking a bit so they are a little out of focus.

Frozen bird bath
Frosty clematis Pixie
Frosty acer palmatum Garnet
Frosty hairy leaved thyme
Frosty tierella

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